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Christmas is a special time of year, one full of memories and traditions. Children love the traditions such as Santa Claus, letters to Santa, the North Pole, reindeer, elves and all the other wonderful things that come with Christmas time. Although the holiday is mostly about children, adults can enjoy Christmas too. A fun way for adults to enjoy Christmas too, is to write a letter from Santa to their children, or children in their neighborhood.

A great way to spend family time together at Christmas is to spend an evening writing letters to Santa, and also writing a letter from Santa for each child. Each child can write their own letter and decorate it the way they want. Using paper, markers, stickers and other decor, each child can make their letter to Santa beautiful. Once they have finished writing the letters to Santa, help the children put the paper in an envelope and address the letter to Santa, with a North Pole postmark. After the children have gone to bed, you can start a letter from Santa to the child.

If you are a teacher, this could be a great class activity around Christmas time as well. The children would love to write letters to Santa, and also get a letter from Santa. This might take more time to write a letter from Santa for each child, but it is worth it when you see the smiles on their faces. They would love to take these home and show their parents, and siblings as well as their friends. Their Santa letters will be a treasured possession.


If you don’t have time to write a letter from Santa yourself, you can send the letter your child wrote to a specific address, for Santa, and you will get a letter back. It depends where you live, which address to use, but there are some towns up North that need work, so the people will write a letter from Santa for each letter they receive. To find those addresses, you can use Google and search “letter from Santa address”. That will give you an option of where to send a letter to Santa from your children.

You could also just send a letter from Santa to your whole family, if that is easier. The children will still love reading and enjoying that letter, even if it is to the whole family. The letter from Santa could include things to do better, such as treat your family members with respect, or save your money! Your children might not like to hear these pieces of advice, but coming from Santa Claus might soften the blow.

The more personalized the letter from Santa, the more each child will enjoy reading it and the more they will treasure it. If you include their name and some things going on in their lives, your child will be very excited. Also, if you could answer some of the questions they asked on their letter to Santa. That will help them feel like the letter really came from Santa, and that he took time to read their letter. They will feel special and loved from Santa, and their Christmas will be more magical, and so will yours!


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