byAlma Abell

Going into an assisted living facility is by far not the end of the world, it can very well be the opening of a whole new world, full of activities that you may never had access to before. The activity program that assisted living in Waldorf, MD offer is really the heart of the home. The activities that are offered are an integral part of the change that you are about to undergo.

What is most important is that the facility spends the time to identify what a new resident’s needs and interests are. The facility will attempt to engage the resident in the program of activities, the desire is to appeal to the interests of the resident and enhance the physical, mental and psychological needs and well-being.


Go beyond bingo:

There is a stereotype that many people have about living in a facility dedicated to assisted living in Waldorf, MD; play bingo and watch TV. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Residents of assisted living facilities are not incapacitated; they are still viable people that have the ability to do many things, perhaps just not as many or at the same rate as they did in their youth. It is important that residents have independence and maintain a positive self-image; they want more than bingo, they desire activities that actually amount to something tangible. Many residents are looking to produce something or to teach others using the skills from many years of working.

Many of the female residents in an assisted living facility have been homemakers all their lives, they are accustomed to doing the things around the home that need doing; laundry, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. These are tasks that many residents can still do and they should be allowed to do them, even if there is assistance from the staff.

Men on the other hand have kept the house working right for years. Give a man something to take apart, repair and put back together and you will find a man who is happy and content knowing he can still make a contribution.

Well organized assisted living in Waldorf, MD is more than “going by the book”, activities can and should happen at any time and they do not always have to be activities arranged by the staff. In many cases a resident can talk or read to other residents who are limited in what they can do, the doors are open to activities and ideas.

At Taylor Farm assisted living in Waldorf, MD small groups of residents live together as family. The residents get a great deal of individual attention and the farm offers a host of activities not found elsewhere.