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Lance Mohr

Using a search engine such as Google to find information on homes in Tampa has almost become second nature to most of us. Nevertheless, after typing your search query, how many times do you find yourself sifting through tons of unwanted stuff and having to refine your search over and over? Consider an efficient alternative.

Multiple Listing Service

These services will enable several real estate properties to appear on the same screen. In the command line of your search engine type Tampa MLS and press enter to display all real estate websites registered with more than 1 listing.

Be Specific


With your initial query, type exactly what you are looking for to avoid thousands of items of no use to you appearing. Otherwise you will either scroll through page after page hoping to find what you want, or have to refine your search to obtain fewer results. Remember, a search engine is very fast at filtering through unnecessary data.

For example, if you are looking for a

home in Westchase

, instead of searching for Tampa real estate or Tampa home for sale type Westchase home for sale and the results on your screen will only be those homes for sale in Westchase. You can then immediately zero-in on your requirements.

Using a Search Engine to Search a Specific Site

Perhaps you are more comfortable using your favorite search engine (e.g. Google search) and cannot seem to find what you are looking for with a particular site s customized search engine. Let s say you know the name of the site (e.g. and the term you want to use in your search Tampa MLS, you simply type the term followed by the word site: in your preferred search engine s command line, then the name of the site like this:

Tampa MLS site:

Your search engine will use its own filters to bring you the page you are looking for.

Without a doubt, using the internet to find the type of home you are looking for is much faster and a lot more comprehensive, but what you see is not always what you get. This is because photos can also paint the wrong picture; perhaps the picture posted is 10 years old; the property could have been unoccupied for several years and has since deteriorated. So, having found something that fits the description of what you are looking for, you must personally visit the premises.

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