By Adam Peters

The Moroccan theme is a popular one in home decor and it is all about warm, earthy tones and textured walls.

The Mediterranean way of designing will be different in each region and one region that is certainly worth considering is Spain. In Spain they have a very unique way of creating their decor and it is something that you could easily recreate within your own home. The Moroccan theme in particular is very popular and it is not hard to see why.

Moroccan Style Decorating


The Moroccan style decorating theme can look extremely romantic and elegant. It adds warmth to the home and it shows off the coastal Mediterranean style influences that it uses, with texture and color being particularly important. By using bright colors alone you could easily recreate a Mediterranean style home, but if you really want to push it up a notch, then you should incorporate the style of the Moroccan walls, floors and ceilings too.

The main thing to remember about Mediterranean style walls, Moroccan in particular, is that they do tend to be fairly textured. Whilst it may look complicated to achieve, it actually isn’t and you can easily use a basic sand paint to get the look that you require. It acts as a base for any color you want to put onto the wall and it is a lot easier to use than tinted sand paper which many people tend to struggle with.

If you want to really make the walls stand out, then the use of columns and moldings wherever possible is a good idea. When painted over the textured walls, remember to keep the colors bright, warm and dreamy. Sea blues are particularly good for this and even mixing a little yellow in there too can be a great idea. The Moroccan theme tends to include earthy tones. Think warm browns and reds as well as olive greens and that is what a Moroccan theme will basically entail.

It is the boldness of color that you are looking to use with any style of Mediterranean decorating. That will give you the best look possible, even without the textured walls. When you think of the Mediterranean, you instantly think of color and warmth and that is exactly what you are trying to create in your Mediterranean style decor.

Overall you do want to make sure that as well as color, you also take into account every other aspect of Mediterranean style decorating. Textured walls will really add to the effect of a Moroccan theme so it is certainly worth considering using a sand paint to get the look that you require.

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