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There are many ways to decorate your living room. As this is usually the room where a family entertains guests and spends time together, much thought usually goes into the design. Sometimes, however, inspiration is hard to come by. Here are a few living room decorating ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Determine your design style. Look through home decorating magazines and see what you like. You may have thought that you were a country gal, but find yourself drawn to the clean lines of a modern design. Even if you like both styles, you can mix them to create a style that is your own. You can choose country items that have a more modern edge, and modern design pieces with country flair. This way you can achieve a look that you love without settling on one style.

2. One living room decorating idea that is sure to spice up your space is to choose a bold wall color. Many people shy away from saturated colors, but these are the very hues that can make a dramatic statement about your personality. If you do not want to paint all of the walls in your living room a bold color, you can paint an accent wall. These walls are great to make an impression without overwhelming the room. You can then use accessories to tie the color into the rest of the room.


3. Updating your window treatments will also go a long way towards improving the atmosphere. Choose drapes or curtains that compliment the design style you have chosen for the rest of your room. Using rich looking fabrics on the windows will add a feeling of luxury to your room, and help to bring all of your living room decorating ideas together.

4. Another key element in living room decorating ideas is lighting. Make sure your lighting is adequate, but not overpowering. Dont use florescent lights as they are very harsh, and a living room is all about mood. Use an updated overhead fixture to provide general light, and a few lamps around the room for task lighting. Another lighting aspect that is often overlooked is the use of candles. Not only are they decorative, but they provide mood lighting as well. You can get candles and holders in all different colors and sizes to help achieve your living room decorating ideas.

5. On thing not to neglect is putting art on your walls. This helps to bring the room together and adds a personal touch. You can choose painted canvases that can look great all on their own, or a framed print in shades that compliment your color scheme. Another great wall art idea is photographs. These can be family pictures or perhaps a black and white landscape or city sky line. The key here is not to overdo it. Keep it simple and uncrowded. If your walls are too busy, it will detract from the overall atmosphere you are working to create.

Once you get started, your living room decorating ideas will flow. Begin by determining your style, and then go on a hunt for the perfect things with which to fill your home. It will be fun and the end result will be something you can regard with pride.

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